New Sound for UTV Radio UK

UTV Radio in the UK is set to launch a new jingle package across some of their stations on February 14th.

The new package was produced in Cyprus, London and Los Angeles in a collaboration between Sandy Beech (Music 4) and Dave Bethell (Beds and Beds). The ‘Today’s Best Mix’ strapline is to be replaced with ‘I love this Station’ which ‘reflects the views of many of our loyal listeners’, said Terry Underhill (Group PD for UTV).

Dave Bethell said ‘It was a privilege working with Terry and his team on such so unique and creative project. We introduced fresh new talent to the jingle world from various parts of the world and it shows in this memorable catchy launch jingle package. There’s a lot more to come over the following months, it’s catchy as heck and I’m proud to have been involved.’

Peak FM, Pulse 1, Radio Wave, Signal 1, Signal 107, Tower FM, The Wave, Wire FM and Wish FM air the new package while promotions, marketing and sales teams will also highlight the new on air sound.

Take a listen to the new jingles and imaging below.


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