Reezom Strengthens Presence In The Caribbean

Reezom, Montreal’s video and music branding production studio has delivered a brand new imaging package to Trace FM in The Caribbean.

The Baie-Mahault based station is a privately owned, music formatted French regional radio station which broadcasts to Guadeloupe, Martinique and Guiana. The youth targeted station broadcasts to the 18 to 24 year old market.

The brand new jingle package has just gone to air and it sounds fantastic! This massive package consists of a total of 70 jingles which are all strictly custom made and completely replace the old package. The station sound has been completely overhauled and the brand is now stronger and fresher than ever before. The package was produced from scratch by the creative team at Reezom and reflects the true passion that Reezom holds for music branding.

Joël MIRANDE – NEY Station Director of TRACE FM CARIBBEAN: “We have worked with Jean-Sébastien and his team at REEZOM since 2006, at the very launch of TRACE FM. We chose the option of REEZOM Jingles yet again in 2015 as we were looking for a partner able to respond favourably to a very specific set of needs, with a willingness to customise our skin.”

“Our knowledge of the market and our capacity to produce to compose modern musical bases, (R’N’B – hip hop and all other styles), to create catchy singing lines well anchored in the spirit of the times with a contemporary feel have contributed to the success of this imaging. We know how to localize and still remain modern and relevant. At Reezom, our objective is always to deliver an original product that is completely customised to the brand. We work towards giving the client maximum brand impact in their market. We do not just deliver a good musical product; we deliver an effective marketing weapon. “Jean-Sébastien Esposito, GM of REEZOM.

Check out all of our work on – where you too can appreciate the magic ‘touch’ of Reezom’s Team.
Reezom is a professional sound and video production studio that specialises in branding that is recognised for the originality and the creativity of its productions both musically and visually.

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