Radio Imaging Producer Wanted


So, you’re in radio imaging.
Your friends around you say all the time “what is it that you’re doing?”
or “really? does it take that long to make a thing of 8 seconds?”.
You’re crazy about plugins, music, radio, fx and ProTools is part of your life?

Capital of Media is looking for: RADIO IMAGING PRODUCER

Wanna make #audioforpeoplewholoveaudio? Well, good news! We’re looking for you!
Be part of the team that’s responsible for Europe’s fastest growing radio imaging service
for CHR and Modern AC: The Radio Imaging Library.
It gets better: you can work in your own studio if you want, doesn’t that sound great or what?

What are you waiting for?
Send us your 4 minutes presentation (everything should be produced yourself,
no use of production services!):

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