ReelWorld re-image BBC Radio 1Xtra

This is ReelWorld's first successful BBC tender so it marks a bit of a landmark in our company's history. The project has been a huge thrill to work on and we're very proud to be supporting such an iconic radio station.

— ReelWorld European Managing Director Anthony Gay

BBC Radio 1Xtra launched new imaging this week and the sound is a joint venture between MediaCityUK based ReelWorld and long term collaborator Ben Marks of Substance B Media. The imaging package delivers a unique and authentic sound for the station which fuses the station’s music policy with VO and vocals from Urban talent. ReelWorld composed original themes covering various 1Xtra musical genres as the foundation of the package. The end result is exciting, authentic, energetic and above all extremely musical.

Ben Marks is Creative Director at Substance B Media: “Such a unique station deserves a completely unique approach to imaging and I’ve literally been in fanboy heaven. Working with ReelWorld’s composers on the music and sound design, writing lyrics with Ragga MC’s, vocal sessions with Grime artists, talk about having your cake and eating it. I’ve been gorging on gateaux since we began this project!”

ReelWorld won the opportunity tor re-image BBC Radio 1Xtra earlier this year. Last year ReelWorld were responsible for a new jingle package for Heart, the UK’s most successful commercial radio brand, and earlier in 2015 launched the new sound of Belgium’s number one radio station, Radio 2.

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