Radio Toolkit II – Production Music Refreshed

In 2011, Wise Buddah produced its first production music CD entitled Radio Toolkit for KPM/EMI Production Music.

The Toolkit, which featured News, Travel, Sport and a series of talkover beds, was an instant success and was used by radio and TV stations the world over.

Since then, Buddah launched its own Production Music library, No Sheet Music in Spring 2014. However, they have reprieved the Radio Toolkit with a double album’s worth of audio content – newsbeds with multiple logo options, daytime talkover beds, drones and quiz kits.

“We were really overwhelmed by the initial take up on the first album, so it was a fantastic opportunity to repeat the project albeit on a grander scale with Alex Black and his team at EMI Production Music” – Paul Plant, Managing Director, Wise Buddah Jingles.

The Radio Toolkit was designed specifically for both CHR and AC radio formats and will be a useful resource for Imaging Producers and programmers alike.

“The first Radio Toolkit was a massive success with Radio and TV producers alike, and we were delighted to work with Wise Buddah to create this new 2-volume sequel. Both albums are stuffed full of tracks that are perfectly calibrated for editors needs, from the masters in the field”.
Iain Robertson, EMI Production Music.

To hear the CHR Toolkit click here. Or go here to listen to the AC Toolkit.

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