Kickstart for Metropolys from Brandy

A strong European sound built around a catchy 4-note logo and vocals with an American touch. This combination remains the trademark of Metropolys’ styling. The station entered the new radio season with 6 new cuts of the Kickstart package − a perfect complement to the previous selection from the Kickoff package produced by Brandy Jingles.

Located in the heart of Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Picardy, Metropolys broadcasts regional content with a positive tone. The styling must express this positioning and the station’s urban environment while reaching the 25-45 year-old target group − a population that loves novelty without losing the essence of pop music.

Brandy has been Metropolys’ imaging-partner for 6 years now. Bertrand Devetter, Programme Director: “Each year, Brandy’s customised styling enables us to evolve our image. The Brandy packages and jingles are essential to the flow of our programmes and thus contribute to the success of Metropolys”.

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