Bay FM 106.4 gets LFM Jingle Package

LFM Audio, the studios that create Sung Radio Jingles and Radio Imaging for radio stations worldwide, announced today that it was selected to produce a sung sung jingle package for Bay FM 106.4 East Devon in the UK. LFM won the business due to a combination of value and style. The station found the package affordable but also aligned with their unique sound and on-air personality.

“I’ve always wanted to have sung jingles for Bay FM,” said the Bay FM Manager. “I’d spoken to many UK companies and the quotes were way out of our reach, one company quoting at least £5K for the same work LFM Audio had produced. One of the big challenges was to bring them into the mix without Bay FM losing its identity. LFM Audio help achieve this and we’re very pleased with the result. Listeners love the new sound and say ‘They’re very Bay FM.’”

LFM Audio’s Creative Director ‘Ethan Lessiter’ and Senior Producer ‘Igor Smelov,’ indicated that they were proud of the resulting jingle package. This latest UK client signing reveals how LFM Audio is expanding worldwide. The company is known for Composed Custom Radio Jingle packages for under $1000 USD.

Bay FM is a radio station that is seen as being unlike any other on the dial – a station staffed entirely by volunteer presenters and journalists talking about real life issues. It is a Not-For-Profit Organisation, not a commercial venture. Bay FM We aim to use radio as an engagement tool for the local and wider communities, an education and training resource, an information and advice service and as a platform for local talent.

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