Fri Your Mind with PURE

The French part of Switzerland has a new sound, with PURE Jingles on the ‘Friquency’ of Radio Fribourg!

The Italian Swiss call it ‘Friburgo’ and the Roman ones ‘Friburg’, while the German Swiss speak of ‘Freiburg’ and the French ones of ‘Fribourg’. You can expect it in a country with 4 national languages! Guess in which one the new jingles of Radio Fribourg were recorded?

The news & music station is beaming from the heart of this historic region, with a famous castle situated above a valley with the river Sarine. A wonderful place to make radio! Part of the region’s history is this heritage radio, on air since 1988. 2016 marks the dawn for a new chapter in Fribourg, with PURE Jingles on their most popular station.

The team has chosen cuts from the PURE JingleBox that blend with their playlist. News, Weather & Traffic imaging make the package complete. ‘Fri Your Mind’, and listen to the new sound of Radio Frei… eh, Fribourg!

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