The rule of three, FCUE III

With a golden ticket, you receive a completely free FCUE III library for your usage
With a golden ticket, you receive a completely free FCUE III library for your usage

Cue Creative are proud to announce the release of their latest production effects library FCUE III; the perfect tool for radio stations and imaging people to produce jingles, promos, sweepers or commercials. A well-considered group of radio stations across Europe have received a limited edition 7-inch vinyl single that contains the demo of the library on side A and a free to use talk-over drone/bed on side B.

For those without a vintage record player, the demo is also downloadable at

FCUE III contains sounds effects in all sorts, flavours and musical keys (soft, medium, hard and key effects). The BED Production kit, which is part of the library, makes it possible to combine several musical themes and multiply them easily and massively. For example, one theme exists of four parts (drums, bass, melody and effects). The possibility are endless if you keep in mind every theme has 3 mix-outs that can be overlayed (that is multiplied 3 mixouts per theme x 4 parts x 4 other parts). Go to the video section on or check directly a demonstration of the BED Production Kit (with a little bit of help from the Native Instruments Stems format on the Traktor S8) right here.

Some of the vinyl pieces that selection selection got contain “A Golden Ticket”. The lucky ones that will find this ticket in their mail will receive a completely free FCUE III library for their usage. FCUE III is one of Cue Creative’s most extensive libraries ever, suitable for all of today’s media formats and with a very wide range of sounds effects, drones, beds and production music. The unique thing about this library is the way it is produced and compiled. The sounds of FCUE III blend easily with any other audio material (like music, effects or vocals) and is mixed in such a way that they will never conflict with other sounds. The library is “tried and tested” extensive and is a follow up to the popular FCUE part 1 and 2. “All good things come in threes” as the people say!

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