Territory FM 104.1 Australia gets Rocky Resung Jingles from LFM Audio

Radio station 104.1 Territory FM plays Greatest Hits, with a “Rocky Edge”. It’s a strong branding idea, but their on air sound and branding didn’t quite match. The station needed some some sung jingles that would fit that “greatest hits meets Rocky” theme.

LFM Audio produced a jingle package for Territory FM, including 3 Ramp Cuts, 3 Slogan Cuts, 3 Sting Cuts & 3 Acapellas, all with the Rocky theme that listeners would love and remember long after they turned off their radios. The station staff was thrilled with the result.

“The LFM Audio team are great to deal with. From first contact with Ethan to the final production work. The team kept us in loop with progress and design. Thank you Ethan, Igor and team for the pro work!” said Matthew Bernasconi (Station Manager, Territory FM)

Not only did LFM offer the Sung Jingle package for less than $1000 — a nearly-unheard of price — but they offered an unlimited broadcast license that allowed Territory FM to broadcast the audio forever with no ongoing costs.

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