JFK Radio Ibiza from Top Format

JFK Radio at The Balearic Islands is the new refreshing radio station, broadcasting live from Ibiza and Formentera. The Jazzy, Funky and Kool radio brand is transmitting on 105.2FM for the Ibiza and Formentera population and at 98.2 FM in the popular Costa Blanca district. Besides the JFKradio.es website and to complete the international distribution, JFK Radio designed smart device apps for Apple and Android. JFK’s playlist breaths Pop, Soul, Lounge and Jazzy Beats. And that is exactly what the briefing was all about!

Top Format Productions in Haarlem (NL) is commissioned to create full audio-branding of JFK Radio. The results are 5 sweeper packages in the native Italian, Spanish, English and French language. Besides this spoken audio imaging, the audio branding for JFK Radio completes a brand new and refreshing Modern Jazz jingle package. All custom made jingles are built from scratch by the new #dreamteam. The current styles of the diverse JFK Radio format influenced every composition. These mini-songs contain refreshing brass arrangements blending along with a distinguished vocal group of 2 soul leads. The JFK Radio ID’s are built around 06 main themes divided over a massive set of full ramps, basic ID’s, shotguns and rapid fires. The additional news and service elements exist from beds for news, weather, traffic and several commercial break idents (to keep things classy!).

The 10 pieces of sweeps are produced into 5 native languages, mixed with production elements from the producers of D-Sign AC and the HDX-ready plugin expertise of Bud Kolk.

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