AudioSweets and Cyclone Team Up

AudioSweets has just launched an all-new site for 2017, developed by Scott Myers and his team at Cyclone Digital.

Simon Prentice, Marketing Director of AudioSweets said “Since the original launch in 2011 we have grown our client base to over 1,000 users picking and mixing over 8,000 audio files.

When it came to producing a new site we had big expectations, mixed with user feedback and new features, these all needed to be integrated into the new site to make the experience the best. We know all imaging producers need to search quickly, need to be able to audition with no delay, have options on mixes but also drill down the search based on key, bpm, genres etc. The new site gave us that and more, putting the producer totally in control!

We have also updated the user experience of ASX (our buyout imaging downloads) which includes profiles and specific user benefits and ASID (our custom/re-sing jingle service) now allowing you to build your ultimate dream jingle package on the fly.”

The new website marks the 5th birthday of the service which now provides audio to over 700 radio stations weekly and over 300 independent imagers around the world.

This alongside the restructure of the company, which now sees Rob Wills become ‘Creative Director’ of AudioSweets Music and Lee Turner ‘Music Director’.

Simon went on to say “Teaming up with Scott and Cyclone has been seamless. Scott’s history producing in radio stations has really helped the product. As well as thinking about the end product as a ‘website’ he has also been able to put himself in the producers position and that has ultimately meant this site is perfect! We can’t recommend them enough.”

Scott said “The AudioSweets team are radio people who understand how to make a radio station sound awesome. Our task was to freshen the brand identity and create a website that makes it quick and easy for producers to search through a huge selection of great audio to use on-air. We loved this project and are proud of the results.”

The crew has grown with Denzil Lacey joining the creative team focusing on branded intros and fans of the ASX series will be expecting delivery of 6 new albums this year with ‘ASX FX Vol 2’ already available to buy.

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