Fresh CHR jingles for KMFM

AudioSweets ID are proud to announce their latest jingle package for kmfm. This 7 cut CHR jingle suite was designed, not only to fit with the music, but also for a practical purpose.

Andy Walker, Deputy Programme Manager at kmfm said “We are in a unique place here at kmfm having the Creative Director of AudioSweets, Rob Wills, running the shop, so our production is of the highest quality. The whole purpose and point to this new sound wasn’t just a ‘it’s a new year’ sound. We are trying to increase re-call for the station name and splitting KM and FM up in a cool way was the aim. These jingles are really fresh, sound great and we have already had snapchats of listeners singing them!”

The themes span all the musical genres that represent pop music of today including tropical house, dance and R&B.

Simon Prentice, Commercial Director of AudioSweets added “Just wow! The vocal production and music on this jingle package is some of our best work. Rob and Lee really pulled out the stops on this package, including using a new vocalist who sings with Robin Thicke, Pitbull and Travis Barker. We are looking forward to re-singing this for other stations around the world.”

To hear all the cuts from this package in full package plus their jingle showcase click

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