Radio 1 create with Wisebuddah

In Autumn 2016, Wisebuddah was chosen to produce a new station sound package for BBC Radio 1.

Comprising 8 core themes, the new sound reflects the mainstream output of the station, from electronic and dance to indie & pop.

Wisebuddah Producer, George Taylor: “Radio 1 wanted this package to be authentic, creative and to the point. Musically it needed to match the playlist, vocally it needed to be authentic and functionally it needed to get to the point. We created a sonic “ONE” that will run through the daytime IDs, beds and song intros. The vocal talent are all up-and-coming artists, I opened the mic and they did their thing.”

Paul Plant, Managing Director, Wisebuddah Jingles: “To be able to add such a high profile package and Radio 1 to our portfolio of BBC stations is incredible. I am constantly surprised and delighted by the sonic diversity and the output produced by our team. To be able to place this package alongside our work for Radio 2 and the Asian Network makes for a hugely diverse and vibrant working environment.

Radio 1 is without doubt one of the world’s most iconic radio stations, so it’s been a privilege to work with Matt and the team in developing and nurturing the station into the sound of 2017 and beyond. It’s innovative, creative, future facing and it encompasses everything that the station stands for.”

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