Dutch Sound Gets Larger Than Life!

Have you ever experienced sound larger than life? If not, here is your chance! The remarkable sonic image from BreezeBox, developed for “Hot Dance Radio” in the Netherlands, is just that.

Founder and Managing Director of the station, Stefan van der Wiele said “Since the dance music industry has evolved enormously in the last couple of years with a completely new set of vibes, our idea was to have imaging elements with a sound that perfectly matches this modern layout. And I must say that the production of this package with that perfect balance between music composing and sound design is truly amazing! This is a top-notch custom product! Thank you BreezeBox for six beautiful imaging diamonds!”

Founder of BreezeBox and imaging producer, Rade Santrac added “Creating the sound for this package was stellar! From the initial creation of the 5-note sonic logo to the mastering process adjusted to perfectly fit their digital audio processing chain, each and every step was fantastic! At the same time cooperation on this wonderful vocal tracking session with Ryan Drean, and his team from TM Studios USA, was amazing! We absolutely enjoyed creating this jingle package! Thank you Stefan, it was a pleasure!”

Now, check this out! A new sonic logo and six main IDs already on air from the Netherlands dance internet radio station “Hot Dance Radio”. Enjoy the sound larger than life!

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