Spine Jingles powers up CHARGER

New from Spine Jingles: [highlight]Spine Charger[/highlight], a constantly updating jingle service for CHR that injects new energy into the traditional concept of radio jingles.

Spine Charger is designed to sync with continually evolving radio playlists and provide real-time integration with the sound and feel of new artists, songs and styles. With industry leading customer service, Spine Charger involves clients as collaborative partners in the creative process. All cuts are offered with choice of audiologo and all elements are available in the musical genre of station’s preference. After receiving the Spine Charger starter kit, station imaging is supplemented regularly with all new playlist-matching IDs, plus all mixouts and multiple versions, totaling 15 fresh, new jingle elements ready to hit the air each month.

Anthony Timmers, co-founder and Creative Director of Spine Jingles, says Spine Charger picks up where other jingle services leave off : “We’ve been creating jingles and imaging for more than 20 years for hundreds of radio stations. We’ve listened to all the feedback, suggestions and “wish lists” of radio programmers over that time, and set out to create a user-friendly, client- focused jingle service. The Result? Spine Charger! Each month 3 new compositions, delivered in 5 different lengths: Basic ID, Shotgun, Rapid Fire, Falcon and Ramp. Of course you receive the vocals, but also amazing music bed versions and separate logos.”

Co-founder and Music Director of Spine Jingles, Jean-Paul van Druten, says the combination of quality, quantity and price makes Spine Charger a cut above the competition, “Each month stations receive 15 all new elements ready to hit the air, plus 30 new jingle building blocks for use and abuse with ProTools/Audition and more. No other jingle service provides so much fresh new material for such a reasonable price. In today’s budget conscious landscape, there’s no reason for radio stations to not make the switch to Spine Charger!”

For details and availability of Spine Charger, visit spinejingles.com. In the US and Canada contact Splat! Radio Imaging for pricing and/or barter information.

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