Radio Nova’s new ReelWorld jingles Rock

Dublin’s rock radio station Radio Nova have launched new jingles this month from ReelWorld.

ReelWorld, the world’s leading provider of jingles and imaging, composed the themes at their HQ in Seattle for a package which is being aired on the iconic CBS FM in New York.

The 10 themes airing on Radio Nova celebrate the music on the station’s playlist. ReelWorld have also produced a new package of utility beds for the station.

Kevin Branigan is CEO of Radio Nova – “Radio Nova launched into a very competitive marketplace in 2010 and took our name from the original pirate radio station, Radio Nova from the 1980’s. The original Nova was a monster radio station and set the standards for commercial radio today. It had a very identifiable sonic jingle sound, that is still very remembered by Dubliners today. We approached ReelWorld at MediaCityUK with an unusual request – to produce a modern jingle package that suits our unique sound as a guitar-based music station, but to tip our hat to the original, and much admired, Radio Nova.

We’re delighted with the result, it achieves all our goals as a radio station and we’ve no doubt that the new sung jingles and sonic logo will make Nova stand out, with a new vibrancy and style, while acknowledging the great heritage of the original Nova.”

Paul Fernley, ReelWorld’s European Sales Manager comments – “This package sounds magnificent on air. Warm and authentic, it’s a true celebration of the world’s biggest classic rock stars. It’s great to take the sound of Radio Nova forward with a new and exciting set of jingle themes.”

Branigan says the new jingles are one of many new developments that will happen at Radio Nova during 2017. “Over the past six years we’ve carved out a very healthy position for ourselves in audience terms. We intend to grow that position over the next 18 months with a number of exciting developments both commercially and in programming”.

Radio Nova have also signed up to ReelWorld’s Production Vault, the updating imaging library which comes in 10 formats. It’s filled with customisable music promos and sweepers alongside 1000’s of music beds and sound effects to work across your station’s output.

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  1. Noah Carver says:

    Argh, these are just cringe inducing. Screechy female vocals, synthesized tracks, and just plain annoying.

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