Blueprint Logos from Imaging Blueprint

Imaging Blueprint has launched a brand-new service: ‘Blueprint Logos’ debuting on select stations around the globe, including 102.7 KIIS FM in Los Angeles.

Following the success of the daily updated production service Imaging Blueprint, the team has launched this new service focusing on the station’s sonic identity! The station’s Sonic Logo is embedded into the music you play, branding your station without saying a word!

“Blueprint Logos from Imaging Blueprint is a fun way to brand KIIS FM. Own the music and confuse the DJ, all without stopping the flow…what’s not to love!” said 102.7 KIIS FM’s Imaging Director Miles Hlivko.

Imaging Blueprint has mastered replicating the synthesis of today’s CHR playlist using the same instruments & synths utilised within the song in question. Using real instruments, they know exactly which model of guitar to grab from the rack, which pickups to use and the amp to plug it through.

Blueprint Logos is updated weekly and offers a choice of Logos plus custom Logos and a variety of mixouts.

For more information on licensing & barter please visit or e-mail

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