Canal 3 go all the way with Brandy

A resing package that sounds like it was custom-made: that’s how the new imaging for Canal 3 in Switzerland has been received. BRANDY adapted 15 cuts from the Joe packages for the German-language private channel and also produced beds for news, weather and traffic.

The Swiss Canal 3 entered the spring of 2019 with considerable ambitions: the channel wants to develop a strong sonic identity. To this end, the station was advised by people with experience in the Swiss market. And after a thorough internal competition between several European jingle producers, Canal 3 chose to collaborate with Brandy.

The response from Kevin Gander, Programme Leader at Canal 3, is clear: “Wow, the result is great! We are overjoyed! You deliver wonderful work. Choosing to work with Brandy was definitely the right decision.”

Canal 3’s German-language broadcasts are coloured by a selection of jingles from 2 different packages that were originally produced for Joe (Belgium & the Netherlands): Joe All The Way and Top 2000. The sonic logo has been adjusted and the Swiss German vocals were recorded in Brussels.

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