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Broken Air FX

Knock your competition off the air with Broken Air

The newest production library by Sticky FX has a unique and distinctive sound. And that’s no surprise because for this new imaging tool the guys at Sticky FX teamed up with production house StreemMedia. The result? A new library called...

Imaging Blueprint

Imaging Blueprint launch new services

After a successful 2015, which saw Imaging Blueprint partner with Premiere Networks for domestic distribution in North America, the production service is proud to announce the next iteration of their website. Tom Cross, Imaging Blueprint Director said – ‘The new...

LFM Audio

Bay FM 106.4 gets LFM Jingle Package

LFM Audio, the studios that create Sung Radio Jingles and Radio Imaging for radio stations worldwide, announced today that it was selected to produce a sung sung jingle package for Bay FM 106.4 East Devon in the UK. LFM won...

PURE Jingles

The FunX Factor

Urban CHR station FunX in the Netherlands just got another update from PURE Jingles. A few months after The Sound of the Summer went on air, FunX came back for another batch of jingles, created for De FunX DiXte 1000...

Wise Buddah

Eagle soars with new Wise Buddah Jingles

The UKRD’s Eagle Radio has launched a brand new Wise Buddah jingle package. The new IDs are a re-sing of the original 2010 package Wise Buddah produced for Birmingham’s BRMB, and it comprises a host of new Main IDs, Extended...

Sticky FX Free XMAS FX

Free Christmas FX Pack

30 FX & WORK PARTS TO GIVE YOUR STATION THAT X-MAS FEELING If you haven’t got all your station’s Christmas imaging ready yet, this is a great giveaway you can’t afford to miss! Sticky FX has created a special X-Mas...

LFM Audio

LFM Audio offer Catchy and Upbeat Jingles

LFM Audio and Ethan Lessiter (Creative Director), Igor Smelov (Senior Composer), are so excited to present LFM Audio’s latest composed jingle package composed for Mix Net Radio. Mix Net Radio was pleased with the price, the quality and the finished...

Brandy Jingles

Brazil meets Belgium 2.0

BRANDY JINGLES is again making the difference for BLINK 102. The Brazilian radio station chose a resing of THE MAX, a jingle package that was originally produced for the European radio brand Qmusic. Blink 102, based in Pantanal Brazil, wants...

PURE Jingles

NRJ, Loud & Heavy from PURE Jingles

Sharp as a panther’s claw, this is NRJ’s new imaging package from PURE Jingles, with 21 custom-made exclusive jingle themes.

Kiss FM Berlin 2015 from Wise Buddah

Kiss FM return to Wise Buddah

Berlin’s Kiss FM has returned to Wise Buddah in London for the third time, for a host of new updates. The brief was designed to blend the electronic and experimental sound of the station with the urban, CHR playlist that...

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