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Le son Rouge – from Wisebuddah Jingles

Wisebuddah Jingles has produced the new sound of Switzerland’s Rouge. Based in the heart of Lausanne, Rouge (formerly Rouge FM) commissioned a re-sing of Wisebuddah’s CHR+ service, comprising 10 x Main IDs and a full suite of Information Elements. Rouge...


Radio Scoop evolve with ReelWorld

This month France’s Radio Scoop has begun airing another fix of ReelWorld custom jingles to help refresh the station sound for 2017. It’s the fourth year in row that Scoop have come to ReelWorld for new branding and the strong...

Contact FM Renews Partnership with Brandy

Contact FM Renews Partnership with Brandy

BRANDY Jingles continues to be the imaging partner of CONTACT FM, the largest independent radio station in northern France. The renewed partnership was celebrated with GrandHits − 10 new custom-made jingles. The vocal sound was custom developed in the last...

PURE Jingles

Jingles you fall in love with!

Sexy sounds, and exciting melodies with beautiful feel good vocals… 21 brand new IDs to keep Chérie FM the station for Pop Love Musique! Chérie FM is: • Pop Love Musique • Adele, Ellie Goulding and Sia • Part of...


Reezom Image Radio 8

Radio 8 has just acquired brand new imaging. It contains a series of 5 packages and top schedules, means about fifty re-sung jingles. This is a musical subculture that allows this Radio Station to set up a customized signature sound,...


ReelWorld grow in France

Paris. France. As the industry gathers for Radiodays Europe, ReelWorld continue their domination of French audio branding with the release of a new jingle package for Toulouse FM. The jingle package is a re-working of last year’s creative for Radio...

PURE Jingles

NRJ, Loud & Heavy from PURE Jingles

Sharp as a panther’s claw, this is NRJ’s new imaging package from PURE Jingles, with 21 custom-made exclusive jingle themes.


Kickstart for Metropolys from Brandy

A strong European sound built around a catchy 4-note logo and vocals with an American touch. This combination remains the trademark of Metropolys’ styling. The station entered the new radio season with 6 new cuts of the Kickstart package −...

ReelWorld ONE

ONE is a success on Mona FM

Mona FM in France is the latest radio station to take advantage of ONE – ReelWorld’s constantly updating jingle package. The service comes in 2 formats, CHR and AC, and gives users the opportunity to select a huge starter kit...

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