Summer @ Deveweb

In this Devaweb newsletter…

* The summer package is back
* New technology, new everything!
* Other stuff of immense interest, possibly.


Fresh from it’s debut last year, Volume 2 of our summer sweeper package is back on sale, at the rather stunning price of £50. It contains eight mixed stagers with feel-good summer songs and listener drops, and eight shorter dry drops. Each is customised for your station, and you can hear a montage now at At only £50, it’s a must for any station on air this summer. Order it now, and we’ll have it for you within a few days!

Oh oh oh! And don’t forget, the Devaweb Ice Cream Van competition is still available at – a feel good comp for your summer programmes. Last year Tony Blackburn used it across the entire Classic Gold network, and it was also heard on various GWR (now Gcap) stations. Check out the sample, and the reduced price of only £50 a disc. Ours is a 99 flake, if you’re buying.


We’ve recently invested in a brand new Pro Tools based production system, which is expanding our musical abilities and production capabilities. Our philosophy still firmly remains that all stations should be able to afford excellent station imaging, and our new equipment will be used on all styles and levels of packages, regardless of who you are, where you are, or what budget you’ve got. And as ever, all our production is fully guaranteed… if you don’t like the way we mix something, we’ll keep remixing it until you’re more than delighted.


All sorts really! It’s hard to know where to start. So we’ll start at the very beginning, it’s a very good place etc etc etc…

We’ve been producing new sweepers, commercials and sung jingles for Skyline Radio, one of the new wave of community stations across the UK. You can hear a sample of our package for them at We’ve also been producing for the Globecast Radio group of stations – from Radio Silverstone to Crufts FM, through to an entire rebrand of Globecast itself. You can hear them on Sky 0157, and listen out for the IDs, featuring Dave Kelly and Philippa Collins. We’re currently working with many other new community statons – if you’re not on our list then get in touch and see what we could do for you.

On the commercial radio front, we’ve been continuing to produce highly effective imaging for Dee 106.3 and 96.2 The Revolution, and helping other un-named-for-legal-reasons stations out as well. We’re creating great stuff for Beat FM in Jordan, and we’ve been working for AMEinfo in Dubai.

Elsewhere… a few names into the pot… A new pack with a rock edge for RSL-now-community station Halton FM, the summer pack for Tyne FM and Youthcomm, a full package for HR Chelmsford based around their musical logo, more for Auckland Hospital Radio, and a complete package for Radio Haslar. Phew, we’re exhausted!

The Bespoke Music jingles are popular as ever, as are our presenter packs which continue to offer incredible value for money.

Right… clearly we need to disappear for a while, make some more jingles, and then maybe send you a new newsletter. If you check just one thing out, check out the summer sweeper package. At £50, it really is great value for money.

And with that…… anon!

Chris and the team at Devaweb