Hooray – New Demo’s!

Music 4 have just released new demo’s from their recent custom produced packages.

  • Radio 2 Australia (Full Package) – ‘Radio 2 has set out to deliver a fresh and innovative format which has not been heard in Australia before and the promise that radio 2 is where real music lives.’
  • Wave 105 (Steve Power at Breakfast) – ‘The South’s biggest station now has the south’s biggest morning show theme thanks to Music 4.’
  • BBC Three (Destination Three) – ‘Music 4 created the opening theme plus audio for all of the idents. A real marriage of music and sound design created a stunning result.’
  • BBC Radio 1 (Chris Moyles) – There’s a new montage up on Chris’ minisite under ‘new out of news cuts’
  • BBC Radio 1 (Newsbeat 2005) – ‘Music imaging for news and sport created by the team at Music 4 in conjunction with the station sound department at radio 1.’
  • BBC Radio 1 (Show Package) – ‘Top blokes JK & Joel took over the world famous radio 1 chart show in March 2005. The shows format and on-air sound had a complete revamp with Music 4 providing all new themes, stagers and talk over beds.’
  • Juice FM – (Louis Hurst Breakfast Show) – ‘Music 4 were commissioned to produce fun and memorable themes and idents for Louis Hurst’s Breakfast Portion.’
  • Wave 105 (Corporate Elements) – ‘Building on the strong audio logo created by Music 4 for the launch of Wave 105 in February 1999, here are the new, 2005 themes for news, sport, travel, weather and business news.’

Check out all the new packages at www.music4.com now.

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