It’s back for the HBA Conference this weekend… but we’ve also put it online in case you’re not going, or if you’re not linked to a hospital station!

To celebrate our stall at the HBA Conference in Portsmouth, we’ve brought back the £10 Sweeper deal. And here’s how it works… on the Saturday, give us the wording of your sweeper, and on the Sunday, we’ll give you a CD with the audio on!

This means a sleepless night of editing, mixing, and Red-Bull drinking for us, but it’s all good fun. Each sweeper will be voiced by Ian Brannan, and you’ll get a couple of mixes of each thrown in. Order as many as you like… we’ll not be repeating this offer for a while!

And if you won’t be there, don’t panic…

Until midnight on Friday, you can order your £10 sweepers online! Simply fill out the form, and on Monday you can download your sweepers, voiced by Ian and mixed by us over the weekend.

It’s very unlikely that we’ll ever run this deal again, so get on the website read the info, and get thinking what wording you’d like!

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