3 Hot New Imaging Products

The hottest Hip-Hop tracks crafted in the dark dank basement labs of Nick Wiz, one of the world’s most acclaimed underground Hip-Hop producers. There are hard hittin’ stabs, slammin snares, and kick drums that give you heart murmurs. Stank Hip Hop Funk beats were designed to slam, blow speakers, and take your production to the limit. 120 one minute tracks of tempos for a slow burn… All for just $595!

An all new urban imaging library from Shadow Music, creators of Steam and N-Zation libraries… the Hip-Hop and R&B library that will change it all. Infuse your imaging for only $595!

The new lethal imaging tracks from Gene Wooten Creative Audio… packed with everything you need to cure stale imaging and make your competition sound sick. All new tracks organized on three CDs. Cure your imaging now for only $595!

Check out ImagingArsenal.com today.

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