Northwest Radio Night ’06

Park Media are proud to present the 2006 Northwest Radio Night.

This free event is taking place in a private at The Sports Café, Quay Street, Manchester on Friday 5th May 2006 from 6pm till Midnight. A media gathering with an invitation to every industry professional who works in or has a connection with any radio station in the Northwest.

Special guest on the night is jingle creator Steve England who will present a talk on his career and play some exclusive audio and video clips from his own collection.

The main event is a radio pub quiz hosted by Galaxy 105 Breakfast, and Hit40uk presenter Simon Hirst, including a northwest radio round to win free beer on the night, and a jingles round to win free custom jingles from TM Century, Reelworld and more.

Entry is free by registration only. Anyone who wants to attend the evening should visit and fill in a short form.

Event organiser Roy Martin encourages people to register online: “We have our own private room but can only cater for a limited number of people so register early to be part of what is guaranteed to be a fantastic night in Manchester”

Any company wanting to get involved should contact Roy on 0709 222 7275 or email

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  1. Dick says:

    Jinglemad is down and so is

    Doesnt show much hope for the actual event itself does it?

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