The new word on the street is; “jingles are rubbish”. You buy them and within a couple of weeks they’re out of date. I mean, who wants a jingle that was written two years ago? What a load of toss.

Hence, KissVille. Sure, they’re jingles. Awesome, cool CHR jingles. But every month, KissVille sends their clients a load more to put on air. So your jingles are as contemporary as your playlist. And they’re all customized with your slogan, your logo, and your station name. You do zero work, but you sound great.

This paragraph is where we put all the amazing claims and all that nonsense. Erm… ok. “This is the best ever best thing, ever, yes, it’s the best” said KissVille’s leader in-between composing and drinking. Make up your own quote. We’re not bothered really.

However, if you could listen to the audio, please do. It’s at and aside from the insults, you’ll like it. Come on, it’s a new concept and it’s worth checking out. It’s not cheap, but if you want to sound cheap, go elsewhere.
KissVille is bravely sold by TM Century. If you want it, call them, not us. We don’t like dealing with clients. I mean, do you like dealing with your station clients? Exactly.

That’s it.

In all seriousness, KissVille is something new and different. It’s a full imaging kit with three new customized jingles every month for every subscriber. It’s what CHR radio needs. KissVille makes it, TM Century sells it, stations broadcast it. Email for more about the product, or if you want to buy it.

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