OZone Music Library Opens

Well kids, it’s finally happened. We’ve come out. No, we’re not renouncing our lives as pussy-whipped hetero man-slaves and moving to Provincetown (not that there’s anything WRONG with that), we’re announcing that the Ozone Music Library is now online and ready for licensing. The overcrowded world of library music will now have one more brand name to kick around: Ozone. Say it three times fast. Ozone-Ozone-Ozone. Can’t do it, can you.

Our ILO’s (Initial Library Offerings) are now available for online listening. Live help is available for personal consults, music searches, marriage counseling, whatever you need. We welcome your feedback, but most of all, we welcome your business. Call or *email us*, we are kind, courteous, and play well with others. And we never met a license app we didn’t like.

Visit Ozone Music at www.ozonemusiclibrary.com

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