New UK Voice Over Artists Needed

Are you the next Matt Vaughan, David Austin, or Sarah Parnell? Voiceovers UK is looking for fresh VO artists?

Although the industry is very competitive, there is still need for new voices with unique native accents, multi-lingual abilities or from ethnic backgrounds. has a free 4-page factsheet which introduces you to the voiceover industry and starts you thinking along the right lines. Send a blank email to ‘s automated email address: and their system will reply with the factsheet in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

Your email address will be stored by them so they can send you any future updates to this guide or information specific to aspiring voiceover artists. If you also want to sign up for the newsletter “Keep Fresh!”, send a blank email to

Please note that these are automated email addresses and they may not personally read emails that are sent to these addresses. If you have additional queries or want advice on the voiceover industry, please consider their other products or workshops.

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