TopNews – Oct 2006

There is lots of news and brand-new jingles. We are proud of so many new productions and Top Format clients. Over the past few weeks we’ve worked non-stop to finish the renovation of our studios and put out the best new jingles on the market today. In fact, we have so much it will never fit in this issue of Top News so we’ll get back to you soon with another update.

This issue of Top News includes pictures of the past fantastic weeks and of course the audio showreels of the latest packages.

The Top Format Crew

The A1GP Song

You must have heard the A1 GP song. It was played at the A1 GP race at Circuit Park Zandvoort, during the first weekend of October, and now it’s going around the world.

» Listen to a sample of the A1 GP song here.
» Watch the A1 GP song on YouTube here.

Met Michiel, NPS 3FM (NL)

Format: CHR

When 3FM in the Netherlands reshuffled its programming last month, Michiel Veenstra’s popular evening show was moved within the NPS timeslot and given an extra hour of airtime.

To celebrate the show’s first anniversary and the new airtime – and naturally to play cool custom jingles reflecting just what the 3FM evening show is: Met Michiel – the NPS ordered a full custom package from Top Format.

This was written in our new studio, the LAB. For the vocals, the Top Format scouts put together a completely new and very talented singing group.

» Listen to With Michiel and click here for the full demo.

Ek-Stra Weekend NPS 3FM (NL)

Format: CHR

The NPS on 3FM in the Netherlands used every trick in the book to bring that real weekend feeling back to radio with an honest-to-goodness rock & roll Friday night show.

The program, presented by Michiel Veenstra and Gerard Ekdom, is called ‘Ek-Stra Weekend’ and has already turned out to be the ultimate kick-off for your weekend in the Netherlands. Michiel and Gerard went to the freaks at Top Format for a Friday-night-feeling jingle set. And to keep that weekend feeling real, we actually produced the vocals for the jingles during a weekend.

The NPS ordered a complete jingle package for Ek-Stra Weekend, that is used alongside the general 3FM jingles every Friday evening to let you know that there is a difference: the weekend has started!

» Listen to the demo here.

City FM Classic Rock (NL)

Format: Classic Rock

City FM Classic Rock is the biggest commercial regional radio station in the Netherlands . The format is a mix of 100% Rock Classics, a daily morning show with Hans Boelen and a drive-time show with Wim Veldman.

After producing the custom jingles for City FM in 2005 , we now had the honor of making the new City FM custom jingles for 2006, again with live guitar sets and our striking vocals.

» Listen to the demo here.

Sky Radio Hessen (DE)

Format: CHR

Sky Radio Hessen in Germany has completely renewed its format. The station launched an entirely new programming that features a morning show with Nadja and Nick as ear catchers. And if that weren’t enough to wake up Hessen in the morning, the Top Format team also produced an outrageous package for the rest of the day. There’s a little bit of everything – transitions, station IDs, beds for the morning show, the weather, traffic and news.

» Listen to Sky Radio Hessen and click here for the full demo.

Radio Clube Portugal (DE)

Format: News / Talk

Top Format has designed a whole new image for Radio Clube in Portugal to reflect the station’s new format. Radio Clube was looking for a modern, warm sound to project a strong corporate identity for its news and service items.

From the Top Format syndication library they picked the BBC 3 Counties package, which has cuts for news, traffic and weather, plus special program cuts. The most talked-about radio station in Portugal says the new jingles have produced amazing results.

For more new jingles for Radio 5 (NL), Meer Radio (NL), Radio Kö (DAB / DE), Veronica custom (NL) and Omroep Brabant (NL) check out the demos on the Top Format website.

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