News Now, South Beach Update and Viking FM

JonesTM/TM Century have uploaded 3 new packages to the site along with Colorado Lite, US resings of The Bee for KKLI/Southern Colorado.

News Now was created for the Texas State Network and airs on 100’s of stations in Texas daily. This effective news package comes with 8 themes and is ready to be aired on your station today.

South Beach gets an additional 6 cuts to compliment the existing 11 cuts.

Viking FM 2006 was custom created for the Emap station. They wanted a package that sounded like the music they play – the best of the 80s, 90s and now. They got nine themes, available in ramp, slogan, shotgun and acoustic versions. You can pick female, male or group vocals. Viking FM choose the female vocals, but in the demo you can hear some group and male sings.

All the cuts in these packages are available to listen to at

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