Jingle Changes at WMYX and WFZH Milwaukee, WI

WMYX and WFZH in Milwaukee has made some changes to their on air sound. Cody from MI reports –

WMYX “The New 99 WMYX” and WFZH “105.3 The Fish” are using new jingles.

Starting with WMYX. They have stopped using JAM’s Pro Choice and went with N2Effect for resings of Star 94.

WFZH, however, stopped using GMI’s Lite AC package and chose the KHMX 04 package from ReelWorld.

Also, brand new AC station WJZI “Smooth 93.3” are now on air and using KSFI’s Soft Hits Package from Zone Radio Imaging.

We will have audio from all of these stations in The Jingle Network Podcast next month.

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  1. matt overstreet says:

    hi id just like to say great job as always on the website and the podcast but in looking at ur site today i oticed you put the wrong abrevation for wnyx its in milwaukee wi wisconsin not wyoming but hey we all make mestakes have a nice night
    racine wisconsin

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