RhythMix Studios

From the guys who brought you Kissville, here comes RhythMix. The first continually updating service for Rythmix CHR and Urban radio stations.

RhythMix does it all. Eleven themes, rapped or sung, with tracks that sound as good as your playlist. Ramps, rhythm mixes, short edits for out of breaks, you get it all, along with workparts that allow you to remix RhythMix as often as you want.

And as your playlist evolves, so does RhythMix, with new tracks and elements added all the time! These stay as fresh as the new releases, and keep your station sounding hot!

Now airing on WQHT Hot 97, New York City and KKDA K104 Dallas Texas, this service is ready to air on your station now! For further deals check out the website or call Jones TM on 972.406.6800. And the best bit? RhythMix is available for barter as well as cash!

Rhythmix Showreel | 4:14 – 9.17MB | Download

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