Groove Addicts Launches Groove Tools


New Web site allows station Image/Production Directors to have interactive access to the freshest imaging tools and jingles, plus the ability to exchange ideas and post their imaging projects.

This month, Los Angeles-based music and sound powerhouse Groove Addicts partners with legendary radio imaging wizard/voice talent Will Morgan (of KROQ fame) to launch “Groove Tools,” an interactive, Web-based package offering groundbreaking imaging tools, production elements and jingles to member stations. “We are offering instantaneous access to the newest attention-grabbing imaging tools. The package is tailored to the needs of the busy PD or Image Director who struggles to keep his stations sound on the cutting edge”, says Groove Addicts Executive Creative Director/Owner Dain Blair.

“Not only will Groove Tools post new material every week — sometimes every other day — but we offer a place on the site where members can post their own imaging projects and share ideas.” Adds Morgan, “There is a lot of good product out there, but what truly makes this service unique is the ability for the PD or Image Director to request specific items or sounds (jingles) they need. If you need it, we’ll deliver it. The site is also interactive so that every image director will be in touch with everyone using the service so they can share promos they have produced and check out other station’s work,” Morgan continues. “Basically, Groove Tools offers endless ideas and tools to help your station stay hot and ease the work load of the image/production director.”

The Groove Tools site contains five distinct areas: “New Stuff,” containing material added to the site in the past week; “Specialty,” containing comedy bits and promo opens; “Work Parts,” centering around small, “ear candy” samples; “Micros” (jingles) and “Archive,” containing older material. “Network,” a revolutionary interactive area on the site offers member stations a chance to compare ideas and exchange material.

Both Morgan and Blair agree that Groove Tools already shows signs of being an instant success. “Technology has allowed us to be much more efficient, with the advent of ftp sites and AIFF/WAV and MP3 formats,” says Blair. “This service will be welcomed because of the quality of the creative material and because stations simply can’t get enough of this stuff.”

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