104.6 RTL & IQBeats

Finally, 104.6 RTL Berlin have started to air their IQBeat’s custom package. Created with the time-tested Kiss Dallas logo this is perfect for you Kiss station… or any station that uses the Kiss-FM logo.

It’s with great pleasure that IQ Beats would like to introduce the new custom package for 104.6 RTL – Berlin. Steven Scalfati, the sole composer on the project, has a longstanding relationship with RTL’s Arno Müller and knows how to go the distance to get him exactly what he wants.

As the first IQ Beats offering to feature the venerable Kiss Dallas logo, operators are standing by for you too to have your slamming version of that distinctive 3 note logo.

We’d like to thank our friends Paul Gulmans and Michiel Lisseveld at Music And Images for making this package possible as our European representatives. Fun Radio in France and RTL in one year… Not too shabby mates!

The package will appear in it’s entirety on IQBeats.com momentarily.

Read the blog post on IQ Beats’ blog here.

104.6 RTL Stager Montage | 1:36 – 3.9MB | Download

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  1. Gillez says:

    Wow ! Nice package !

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