ReelWorld Europe ‘KIISses’ IP Music, Switzerland

The new sound of IP Music has been unveiled. Their team in Switzerland chose ReelWorld and the latest KIIS-FM LA jingles to refresh the on-air sound.

IP Music plays ‘All the best hits’ non-stop. As they focus on playing more music with no talk, clutter-free imaging is essential.

“The package you made is really fantastic”, says Program Director Dany Hofmann. “We wanted to sound different from our competitors. One element to achieve this is to have jingles with the unique touch that ReelWorld puts in it”. Listen to how IP Music got ‘KIISsed’ at, or listen to the demo.

IP Music 2007 ReelWorld | :50 – .8MB | Download

ReelWorld Europe will be rocking the NAB Radio Convention from 4-6 November in Barcelona, with imaging solutions spicier than tapas. Take away, or delivery at home!

And here are some recent ReelWorld resings for European stations via ReelWorld Europe.

Cidade 2007 ReelWorld | :30 – 1.2MB | Download

Flaixbac 2007 ReelWorld | :47 – 1.8MB | Download

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