This Is Angel!

Angel FM in Athens, Greece recently took delivery of shiny new jingles from the Seattle jingle guru’s, IQ Beats. The Heart Network 2006 package, sung with the original Heart package singers along with a stylized open sing of “Angel” and a powerful finish of “This is Angel”. A few of the cuts feature alternate open sings for Club Classics, Summertime and Time Tunnel.

Ray Arthur, Consultant for Angel FM, said –

I wanted to write you and say how happy we are with the new Angel jingle package.

The comments we are getting from both people in the industry and, more importantly the listeners, is the quality of the package is of a very high standard. They sound very international and not ‘cheesy’ like other packages.

Again, thanks for a great job. I look forward to using IQ Beats again soon.

Angel FM 2007 IQBeats | 1:16 – 1.74MB | Download

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