Amazing Live Country

As we reported back in September, ZONE have been working on a new package for KUPL in Portland, Oregon. The package is now live on their site.

ZONE announces the release of ‘Amazing Live Country’, a blazing new Nashville-recorded Hot Country imaging package. Produced for John Paul of CBS’s KUPL-FM in Portland (in association with Jaye Albright of Albright and O’Malley), ‘Amazing Live Country’ is 12 full-length ramps with 12 matching ID’s that will amaze, astonish and astound you. Visit our Country web page to hear what blew John Paul’s smelly socks clean off his feet.

‘Amazing Live Country’ takes Hot Country vocal imaging to an astonishing new level. We whipped some of Nashville’s finest into a frothing frenzy. ‘ZONE blew my socks off with these new jingles!’ John Paul exclaimed. ‘And I’m still looking for them’. We’ve got a new pair in the mail to him already

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  1. matt says:

    hi paul hope your christmus is goig well so far ive been intrested in a jingle package that mix 94.1 whbc used from 200 to at least 2004 katf out of iowa also used it around that time acording to some entries on im a colector of demoes as you know and i cant find 1 for this package also im looking forwerd to your next podcast
    happy halladays and keep the jingles comming

  2. Luis says:

    Well, I cant agree more.

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