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Radio Jingles, Commercial Spots, Radio CommercialsCreating a commercial that sizzles and creating a commercial that is vaguely viewed as profitable is not separated by that much. In reality, the commercial that is remembered and the commercial that creates a few calls or sales and in the end kind of worked, but “should we repeat the next add cycle” is not that far apart. Let’s look at some concepts that will turn your next radio and TV spot into a commercial that really brings in the sales with significant visibility and credibility with your buyers.

Consider how many commercials are out there and that you’ve viewed through the years. Now try to remember as many of them as possible. How many did you come up with? 20, 30 or 50 or more? Many of them might have been mainstream companies like McDonalds, Burger King, and a host of others, and you probably remembered some rather funny and creative commercials, but I’ll bet you remembered some local, smaller mom and pop spots as well. What’s the catch?

Most long remembered and at the time very successful commercials are and were created with the intent of being “sticky” One of the problems that smaller companies face today is trying to figure out how to stretch their ad dollars. And one of the big mistakes that companies make today is going with the radio station in-house voice over and music production guy because it’s “cheaper.” Is it? In the end is it really cheaper. If you look at your ROI in terms of ad dollars spent and revenue gained what are you going to find? Chances are, you will find that when you spend a little bit more money working with a seasoned music production house and/or smaller affordable ad agency, that your results will be significantly different – I mean really different.

The problem isn’t is the radio station voice over or music production guy talented, it’s do they know your market, what makes your customers tick, and then how do they produce an overwhelming and visible marketing strategy geared towards success – And the answer, most of the time is they don’t. You want cheap in-house, then go with it and you’ll pay for it as well. Your commercial will no more stand out than the other commercials coming out of that radio station or cable companies “in-house” facilities.

If I were to bet on the odds, I’d bet that a commercial with an incredible jingle and video to go along with it that costs a few dollars more, is sure to gain the hearts of your customers and their wallets at the same time as opposed to the in-house version. People do still like great jingles. Not the cheesy jingle written by many of the “eweed” companies strewn along the internet highway promoting their “great” writing services, but a jingle that is creative, built upon who you and your company are and with the intent of being sticky and remembered with a quality sound that sounds credible – Ultimately increasing your credibility and sales – It’s that simple.

You want to increase your sales and advertising dollar, then go to the folks who know the market, who get to know and appreciate your business and where you want to go and who will take the time and have taken the time to be seasoned professionals to know how and what to say in your commercial.

Mr Gauger is an accomplished TV and radio writer with too many credits to list here. You may contact the author at tgauger@reelmusicianpro.com or 615-300-5030. You may visit the author’s website at http://www.reelmusicianpro.com This author works with small business to national brand names.

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