ReelWorld Concludes KIIS FM Jingle Melody Dilemma

ReelWorld Concludes KIIS FM Jingle Melody Dilemma On the third installment of this three-part series of the Two-Stations-One-KIIS-Jingle logo case, our friends from ReelWorld will finally put this to an end. The other day, we’ve posted a follow up to an inquiry from JF regarding the possibility of two competiting stations using the same KIIS FM logo melody for their jingles. We’ve posted that yes it is possible for two stations to get the same KIIS FM logo for their jingles but it needs to be from different jingle companies. But you know obviously the drawback of having the same sound for your jingle imaging right?

Ricky Brataatmadja emailed us yesterday that it’s not, take note, NOT POSSIBLE for two competiting stations in a single market to have the KIIS FM jingle logo melody, even if let’s say the other buys the KIIS Suite 2007 and the other gets the KIIS LA 2004 or even the KISS Dallas 03. However, the other station can get KISS Seattle 04 or Kiss Cincinnati. But this led us to another question about the KISS Cincinnati package that is also patterned after the popular 3-note KIIS FM logo, right? So if one station gets the KIIS Suite 2007 and the other gets a KISS Cincinnati, that’s still basically two radio stations having the same logo melody. If you could remember KISS Cincinnati was produced for Kiss 107 FM which has seven syllables, but the logo stingers resemble the famous 3-note KIIS FM logo. Have a listen of ReelWorld’s resing montage for the KISS Cincinnati package below.

In that montage, you’ll hear resings for stations like 105.1 The Buzz (7 syllables), B101.5 (7 syllables) and CFM (3 syllables). Now, on those first two logos, you hardly can hear traces of the 3-note KIIS FM logo melody because it’s already extended into 7 notes. But take a close listen to the CFM resing. Obviously, it’s the KIIS FM logo!

That’s is really quite a conflict, but Ricky of ReelWorld Asia assured us by emailing us his side on why it’s okay. Here is his email.

Yeah, it is still possible to use the KISS Cincinnati package in Singapore, because although its package is part of ‘KISS’ family package but their logo is really different from that of ReelWorld’s KIIS L.A. or KISS Dallas logo… the number of note (7-note logo) and also its intonation plus the sound or instrumentations of the package are really different.

There goes your answer and I think that explains everything. To put everything in a nutshell, no two radio stations in same market can get the same logo melody for their jingles regardless of which package from the same company. That’s it. In the case of the KISS Cincinnati, I think ReelWorld produced this package to cater to stations which have more than 3 syllables in their station logos and wants the KIIS FM 3-note logo for their jingle imaging. Period.

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