PURE Jingles for 3FM Weekend DNA

Weekend DNA kicks off ‘Saturday night, party night’ on 3FM

Top CHR station 3FM in the Netherlands has a new Saturday night show: Weekend DNA. “Energetic, young & fast” is how the jocks, Domien Verschuuren and Annemieke Schollaardt (DNA), want to their show to sound. PURE Imaging gave them the tool: an uptempo jingle package with impact.

“We want to create a pre-party before people go out. But even if you stay at home, the show gives you the perfect Saturday night feeling”, Domien says. Annemieke thinks that on-air imaging is one of the essential elements to achieve this. “It creates energy between talks and reinforces bits.”

PURE Imaging created a package which is inspired by the hit sound of Timbaland, Rihanna, Arctic Monkeys and other core artists of 3FM. All themes are extended into multiple mix-outs including Ramps, Shotguns, RapidFires and Beds.

“A great sound”, says Annemieke after hearing the final mixes. “Really awesome!”, is Domiens response. “The package is exactly what we wanted, fits Weekend DNA 100% and gives you the ultimate weekend feeling.”

The result can be heard every Saturday night on 3FM, on www.pureimaging.eu and here on JingleNews.com.

3FM Weekend DNA 2008 | 0:57 – 2.18MB | Download

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  1. Jason says:

    Man… this stuff is awesome! Who ARE those guys? Never heard of them before, but with THIS quality… I’m sure we’re gonna hear a lot more of them.

  2. Paul McGrath says:


    Pure Imaging is a division of VHU Europe [http://www.vhueurope.com]


  1. January 25, 2008

    […] Here’s another interesting post I read today by JingleNews.com […]

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