Krash Creative Solutions – Creative Radio Imaging Ideas Feb 2008

Krash Creative Solutions - Creative Radio Imaging Ideas Feb. 2008This month’s Krash client spotlight focuses on three great radio stations: WMMR Philadelphia, KASE Austin, and KNTY Sacramento.


WMMR – Philadelphia, PA


WMMR - Philadelphia, PAWMMR Philadelphia is a legendary rock radio station whose radio imaging is currently being voiced by the also legendary John Wells. The producers at Krash were asked to step in and create some “out of the box” radio imaging. The Krash team stepped up, and wrote some clever, creative copy. To this copy we implemented multiple character voices, and some special production tricks. If your a fan of rock radio imaging, this WMMR demo is worth the listen.



KASE 101 – Austin, TX


KASE 101 - Austin, TXAustin, Texas is truly a one of a kind place and KASE 101 is a one of a kind radio station. Operations Manager Mac Daniels puts great effort into making sure that the radio imaging on KASE reflects the sound, and values of Austin. Proof of this is evidenced by KASE’s use of Jack Ingram on voice. Jack’s main gig is a country music star, but as you’ll hear on the demo Jack definitely has a backup career in radio imaging voiceovers.



KNTY – Sacramento, CA


KNTY - Sacramento, CAHowling all throughout Sacramento is Entravisions new radio station The Wolf. The Wolf is a loud, and proud country radio station that is out to have lots of fun. As you’ll hear in this client spotlight on KNTY the imaging is FUN. They try hard not to sound like every other station in town. This desire is demonstrated clearly on cut #1 of this demo with an anti jingle. What’s an anti jingle? A jingle that doesn’t sound like a jingle, it sounds like a song. Check out the KNTY radio imaging sampler and you’ll see what I mean.



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