The New LBC 2008 Package

IQ Beats is proud to announce our latest custom music-imaging package for LBC, our third in a longstanding relationship with Executive Producer Chris Lowrie and the first under the ownership of Global Radio. LBC is London’s premier News/Talk station on 97.3 FM and across the UK on DAB digital radio.

Composers Patrick Napper and Steven Scalfati worked closely with Programme Director Jonathan Richards and Mr. Lowrie to produce a package bringing together a contemporary, authoritative and confident sound to reflect LBC as a ‘news talk’ station and live orchestrations, using strings and horns, to reflect the emotion of real and honest conservations. It is a winning combination not previously found in any other package and is designed to confirm London’s premier talk radio station as bold, modern, confident and proud.

The package is a true achievement and is the culmination of 4 months of focused composition, communication, coordination, scheduling, production, recording, editing and mixing made possible by the talent of Steven and Patrick, the clear vision laid out by Jonathan and Chris at LBC, and the 80 other persons instrumentally involved in the package.

Chris Lowrie had this to say:

We are delighted with this exciting new sound for LBC 97.3, making us stand out from the rest of the market. It’s fresh and distinctive and reflects LBC as the best talk station in London.

Chris Lowrie, Executive Producer, LBC 97.3 FM

The package is diverse with themes for: Daytime, Nighttime, Top of Hour, Travel, Breakfast, and 911 News. In addition, there is an absolutely majestic Main Theme as well as a huge workpart kit of atmospheres and Logo ID’s.

IQ Beats – LBC 2008 Imaging Package from IQ Beats on Vimeo.

Head to to hear the vast majority of the the new LBC 2008 Package, or to see images from behind the scenes head to their blog.

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