ReelWorld ONE AC & Country Previews

ReelWorld have sent us preview demos for their monthly updated AC and Country packages.

ReelWorld ONE | AC is available in 4 unique logos – WJXA Mix 92.9, WLIT, WLTW Lite FM or Sunny 99.1. And available in your choice of vocal sound and musical balance – piano, guitar or flashback. Morning show themes, day part themes, speciality themes and holiday themes – they have everything. They even give you segueways with your logo at the end and logo ids to transition between specific songs on your play list. And they’ll throw in ID and sweeper solutions too!

ReelWorld ONE AC | 3:32 – 6.48MB | Download

ReelWorld ONE | Country gives you constant updates for your country radio station – new jingles (including Morning show themes, day part themes, speciality themes, holiday themes and segueways), tonnes of creative logo based production elements, beatmixes, produced IDs and much, much more! Available in 4 distinctive logos – KILT, KNCI, Cat Country and The Wolf. You select the vocal sound, and the musical balance of your jingles – organic, production, twang and more!

ReelWorld ONE Country | 3:37 – 6.63MB | Download

ReelWorld ONE | AC and ReelWorld ONE | Country – available from February 18. Book your station in now…

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  1. Geoff Barton says:

    ReelWorld still sounding on great form.

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