Push Button Gets 8 Silvers, 2 Golds From Gainesville Advertising Federation

Addy AwardsIn this year’s Gainesville Advertising Federation Awards, held in Gainesville, Florida, we are proud to congratulate Push Button Productions for bringing home ten 8 silver awards, 2 gold awards and a couple of nominations for Best-in-Show. Truly a testament of the Yeosh-and-Jon team’s dedication to quality radio commercial production. From us here at www.radiojingles.co.nr, congratulations!

Here are some words from the guys at Push Button Productions:

Push Button Productions Felt Like Newly Crowned Beauty Queens Upon Receiving Their Awards from the Advertising Federation in Gainsville, FloridaThe long, flowing hair…the hours of preparation, making sure everything fits just as it should in a two-piece.  Yes, Jon did look pretty amazing at this year’s Gainesville Advertising Federation Awards.  Yeosh looked okay too, I guess.

It didn’t matter what or who they were wearing that night because they walked out covered in accolades! 

The Gainesville Advertising Federation has this awards presentation yearly to honor the area’s best advertising works encompassing print, digital, broadcast, etc.  This year, the Push Button team had the distinct honor of being recognized for eight silver awards, two gold awards and two nominations for Best-In-Show.

To say we felt like a newly-crowned Miss America would be the understatement of the century!  Push Button took home more awards that night than any other agency for audio production and had the only all-audio best-in-show nomination.

Since they cut our acceptance speech short at the awards ceremony (darn orchestra rushing us offstage!) we’d like to thank all the businesses who make it possible for us to do what we love everyday…and also our parents for changing our diapers and feeding us for about 18 years.

Not that we wore diapers for 18 years…that would be weird.

From March 2008 Update of Push Button Productions

Of course, the good news does not just end there, Push Button Productions as a way of thanking, is giving you a big blow-out sale! For the entire month of March you can purchase any of the Addy Award-Winning Commercials-In-A-Zip and get $50 dollars off! Click here to get started.

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