New Q Music Logo Not A KIIS FM

New Q Music Logo Not A KIIS FM 

KIIS FM logo is without question one of the most memorable and recognized jingle logo melodies of all time. The popular three note logo which came out from the original PAMS-produced jingles for WLS Chicago, is now heard across all formats, across all stations around the world.

Because of its popularity , we have unconsciously typified that every jingle company should produce its clients at least one package of KIIS-logoed jingles. Brandy, however, was an exception. And we stand corrected when we reviewed its newest Q Music jingle package bore the three note logo.

Brandy, since it was known, has always had a knack for producing creative but original imaging compositions. I have to say, that from its first Q Music package to the latest, it never failed to bring new excitement, innovating jingle imaging the rest of the world has never heard of before.

The latest Q package, which we unintentionally perceived as using a KIIS FM logo, was in fact a breakthrough and was never designed to sound like such. To edify this correction, here’s a side by side comparison of the KIIS FM logo and the new Q Music Q Is Good For You logo.

The three note KIIS FM logo 

The new Q Music – Q Is Good For You Logo

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