Jim Merkel Voice Imaging

Jim Merkel Voice Imaging

America has the bestest talents in voiceover imaging. Sad to note though, there are quite some that haven’t been given much time to shine. And worse, there are veteran voice imaging guys that we haven’t heard anymore. Jim Merkel is one of radio and television’s finests when it comes to VO. Let’s a take a look at why you should want to get Jim for your imaging, now!

Jim Merkel is a radio imaging nut. He’s been in the trade for more than 25 years already. Give him anything to read and he’ll have you pay for it. Seriously, Jim does anything from TV spots to radio promos. He can do Newstalk, CHR, Oldies, Hot AC, AC, Country and you bet, there are a lot of hard hitting country imaging guys out there, but Jim Merkel does reads even tighter than those you hear on Wolf or whatever.

Jim has got his own studio at Pittsburgh Pennsylvania so even if you call him at the middle of the night, it’s okay. Nuff said, got to listen to his demo right now. Jim will be glad to give you a virtual tour of his studio, but that of course if you’ll visit his website at www.JimMerkel.com.

It’s time to cut the crap of voice imaging monopoly. There are a lot of good VO guys out there.

Jim Merkel Voice Imaging (copyright www.jimmerkel.com)

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