Jones TM Custom Jingles

Jones TM Custom Jingles

Jones TM has just updated its website with a couple of packages — New England’s Best Country and Rock Radio. It’s interesting to know that despite the emergence of subscription-based jingle imaging services, there are still a number of stations that believe in the power of custom production.


And when it to custom jingles, nothing beats Jones TM. WOKQ recently went to Jones TM to update their jingles. The result is New England’s Best Country. And indeed, it is. The package is built upon the station’s core playlist. The jingles however are not the usual country-ish jingles. The tracks are powerful and flexible enough to blend seamlessly with different styles of country music.

The WOKQ logo melody is also based on the station’s previous Jones TM jingle package – Buzz Trax. Take a listen below to the WOKQ logo montaged side by side with the B101.5 logo from Buzz Trax.

WOKQ – B101.5 Logo Comparison

New England’s Best Country (

Rock Radio

Like most of Jones TM’s sports and newstalk imaging packages, as in the Juggernaut cuts, the Rock Radio package was also designed to be vocal-ready should the current or future clients prefer to have sung versions of the logo. As you listen to the cuts, you will notice the four note logo that snug fits the Rock Radio monicker.

Originally, the logo was used for a mini Rock Radio package released in January 2007 for a sister station in Scotland, UK. It was made up of a news, weather and traffic-sport cuts. Listen to the first version of the Rock Radio package below.

Rock Radio (2007 Version)

Rock Radio Manchester 2008

Meantime, Jones TM has also announced the availability the Kingdom FM showreel. It’s currently one of the company’s best selling packages.

Log on to to listen to all of the packages in their entirety.

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  1. Dan Gonder says:

    I am looking for a jingle package w/newsounders for an oldies station. Please let me know what products are available.
    Thank you,

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