Prometheus and Box Collaborate on Andover Sound Jingles

The UK’s newest commercial radio station, Andover Sound, launched Monday (26th May 2008) with a new bespoke jingle package available through Prometheus Radio Consultants.

The station which serves 80,000 people in North West Hampshire began broadcasting at 9am with a montage of sounds from the station’s coverage area informing the listener that “a new sound is born today”.

New jingles provided by radio development business Prometheus Radio Consultancy were produced by Box Projects. The station identifiers are branded “unjingles” by Prometheus Radio Managing Director David Harber. “The chaps at Box Projects are committed to providing something fresh to the UK jingle industry, their cuts have a mood, feel and construction about them that displaces their jingles from the usual run of station IDs”, says Harber.

“In our initial stages we discussed ensuring that the jingles were written from a listener’s perspective, not a programme controller’s perspective. Box Projects literally write a song before turning that track into a jingle.

“The brief was to create a series of thematic beds and sung jingles which would sit somewhere between Heart and BBC local radio.

“The result is a fantastic fresh set of tracks and vocals that have a simple but strong, memorable logo as each cut merges itself into the sound of the station”.

Matt Chapman from Box Projects, adds, “Real musicians providing real performances are what we strive to achieve. We worked hard alongside Prometheus Radio to retain our individual sound whilst acknowledging the ‘rules’ of station ID production.

“We are proud to be part of the new Andover Sound”.

Harber continues to say that too many jingles that are over produced: “The effect of delivering the station name is lost in many new jingle packages I hear today. The benefit to the listener should be confidence of listening to their favourite station ‘without interruption’ while the benefit to the programmer is to have your station name sung clearly, with pride and without interrupting your carefully programmed flow of music and speech”.

The new jingles are available as a demo from Prometheus Radio and are immediately available as market exclusive and personal cuts.

Andover Sound 2008 | 5.29MB – 2:18

Listen to the launch of Andover Sound | 2.12MB – 2:19

Listen to and aicheck of Simon Hardwick | 1.66MB – 1:48

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