Create your own Jingle with Wise Buddah

As part of our Summer Giveaway 2008, Wise Buddah have given us a fantastic prize. One lucky winner will get the chance to create their own jingle in the Wise Buddah studios in London!

Create your own Jingle with Wise Buddah

The lucky winner will be invited to Wise Buddah HQ in the heart of Central London where they will be able to create their own jingle from scratch with one of our team of writers/producers.

You will be client for a day as you build up your ID from the ground up. You will start by working out the sung parts, logo and strapline and then go about building the instrumental bed – all in the capable hands of our producer.

The day ends with the vocal session where we sing your strapline and station or personal name.

If there is a book in everyone then there’s certainly got to be a jingle!

It doesn’t matter if you are musical or not, WB will do all the playing, you just need to direct it. The winner would have to cover their own travel expenses etc.

For more details on the competition keep checking out!

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  1. This has to be the best prize ever! (It puts the generation game to shame!).

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